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Опаковката трябва да служи, а не да пречи на съдържанието й и средата, в която се намира!



The cost for design / architectural and design projects / is calculated per square meter of the built-up area of ​​the site, varying depending on the complexity and size of the building (but not less than 200 BGN per project, no matter how small it is). The price per square meter is negotiable between the [...]


If an author's supervision contract is signed, the pay of the supervisor is done after completion or during the construction.


The cost of designing an interior design is according to its complexity and scope. Calculated per square meter of unfolded area. If the client wishes to make a photorealistic image of the future interior (how it would look like in detail after execution), each visualization is charged separately and the price varies between 50 and [...]

Complete implementation of an interior design

The cost for implementing an interior design is based on the value of the materials and their scope. If the project was previously made by me, then its price is deducted from the performance.

Elaboration of quantitative accounts

The cost for making the quantitative accounts is per square meter.

Architectural capture

The cost of architectural capture is per square meter of the unfolded area of the site, varying in complexity but not less than 100 BGN.


Price for professional consultation - 30 BGN per hour.