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Опаковката трябва да служи, а не да пречи на съдържанието й и средата, в която се намира!

About us


The main activity of TRArchitects is architectural design and complete engineering from the feasibility studies through the conceptual and technical design to the working design as well as the author’s supervision during the construction of the particular site. For the professional realization of each site, we have a wide range of specialists, and for presenting we use the latest technologies.

Architecture is a great and difficult art, not only because of the vast scope it has, but also because of the complex laws with which it achieves its creative goals. It can not be mastered in one go, and there is no moment when the architect can say he knows the “all” secrets of architectural art. That is why we suggest that we together discover some of the truth about architecture – the only art we can live in. Architecture is a combination of function with the form for obtaining an optimal both for use and vision product. In order to remain satisfied, we offer you the design of the entire building process, from city-planning and pre-project studies to the interior, as well as a number of ancillary design services.

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